WINNERS - 2018 Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Parade Joseph J. Bradley Award!

Appropriate Class Attire


Class clothing

Any Riley top with plain black or Riley shorts are to be worn to every class.  Poodle socks should be worn in the warm months.  Black tights can be worn in the colder months.  Clothing should fit and not be to loose.  

*Looking like a dancer is essential to dancing like a dancer!


Proper footwear

All dancers (with the exception of new or Intro dancers) are required to wear proper fitting dance foot wear.  Ghillies should be snug fitting with shoe laces double knotted and tucked in.  Newer hard shoe dancers should have tape on the bottom of their shoes to prevent slipping.    Bare feet or socks are never permitted.  



Hair should be pulled up and back off the neck and face.  Excessive jewelry is a distraction and can cause injuries, please keep jewelry at home.  

ALWAYS wear a smile!  A positive attitude is a must.